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Our whole cosmic quest of the world and beyond starts from the point of panchabhuta (five elements) which then manifests in an enjoining manner to form the life force and then, later, those five elements disintegrates to ensure a celestial traverse at the Paramanu (atom) level.

However, we will first try to understand these five elements which are Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal ; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether. Each of these Five elements has its own character and celestial elements which we will gauge in the following lines.

Air ( Vayu) The third element is Air or Vayu. Again it has two levels as earth and water i.e.eternal atom and perishable Karya. One can feel air, as we breathe in or out. We feel the storm or strong breeze which are temporary but air at atomic level remains around us eternally. In the Purana there is a mention of 49 types of Maruts or winds. Among them Seven are important namely Pravaha , Avaha, Udvaha, Samvaha, Vivaha, Parvaha and Paravaha. The wind which takes the water from the ocean is called Udvaha. Some features of this element are:

Qualities - weightless, mobile, cool, dry, porous and subtle
Action - motion or movement, evaporation, dryness
Facilitates - touch and vibration.
Substance - anything dry and airy, or that creates gas
Example - toast, cookies, cabbage, beans
Intake - increases coolness, dryness, movement and circulation

The Kalpa Vriksha Kit

The Kalpa Vriksha Kit has to be installed on a Wednesday in the Northwest direction of your room or home or office. The Kalpa Vriksha Kit should be placed in the Northwest direction as the energies of Anahata Chakra, Planet Buddh and Air Element resides in this direction. Also Lord Vishnu is the ruling Deity of the Northwest direction. The Kalpa Vriksha Kit has to be placed in the Northwest area or room of the house. The Kit is best placed on some stool, side table or on a heavy duty wall stand.

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